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Generator Conversion Kits to Propane and Natural Gas.

Why Will Gasoline Let You Down?

Professionals this day in age never choose gasoline to use on backup generators. Instead, hospitals, schools, and other large facilities now use natural gas and propane to operate their generators. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that gasoline has a limited shelf life, and if it used on the generator past its shelf life, it can lead to engine failure. In addition to that, if a generator is not used often enough and the gasoline simply sits in the engine for a lengthy period, it can plug the carburetor, which can also lead to engine failure. Another reason professionals now choose natural gas or propane instead of gasoline is when natural disasters occur, the first commodity to be hoarded is gasoline. Therefore, gasoline to fuel backup generators can be next to impossible to find.

The multiple hurricanes that struck the state of Florida were unfortunate proof that gasoline during a natural disaster is next to impossible to find, which made many individuals with backup generators that operate on gasoline no better off than individuals with no backup generators at all. However, working alongside FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), our company was called upon to help in various areas where gasoline was simply unavailable to fuel generators. Therefore, our company assisted the areas using propane and natural gas, which are both much more plentiful resources than gasoline.

Why Will Propane and Natural Gas Save You Time, Money, and Aggravation?

Propane and natural gas will overall allow the engine of the backup generator to start better in cold weather and after long periods of no use, which will preserve the life of the engine better than gasoline. Our company's do-it-yourself kits can allow individuals to convert their gasoline generator to propane, natural gas, or all three.

Why Use Propane To Power Your Backup Generator?

Propane is easily accessible, and has no shelf life. Therefore, it does not gum up or go bad. It also does not pollute the air like gasoline. In addition to that, individuals can use various sizes of cylinders and tanks, consisting of 100# and 20# cylinders, and 250, 500, and 1000 gallon tanks.

Why Use Natural Gas To Power Your Backup Generator?

Natural gas is the most dependable fuel on earth, and there is virtually an unlimited supply. It also does not gum up or go bad like gasoline. Therefore, if an individual has natural gas available at his or her home or business, it would be the most reliable option.