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  • Portable Propane Generators-Are They Reliable?

    Over the years it has been observed that the popularity portable generators have actually increased. With the increase in its popularity it is so very obvious that its sales have also have augmented. More number of people find these generators a great thing to spend money on, as it is a complete one-time investment that you make. In fact when you check for yourself you will know that every alternate house actually owns one of these generator or natural gas conversion kits so that it becomes a DIY kit for them. Apparently this is a much visible shift from the old traditional and out-of-fashion gasoline generators.

    Portable Propane Generators-Are They Reliable Continue reading

  • What Is The Significance Of Natural Gas Generator Conversion Kit?

    There are different types of generators. They can be used in your homes or in your offices. Generators run on various power sources like propane, diesel, gasoline and natural gas. These days, Natural gas generation conversion kits are gaining more and more popularity. Whenever a power failure arises unexpectedly, you can always rely on generators that work on natural gas. When gas generators do work for the time being, it will not last for a longer time. Keeping your homes lighted up for a longer period is only possible with the new generation generators that run on natural gas. Propane portable generators can be used for backyard grills or can be even used for providing supply through underground lines for the purpose of generating electricity. Continue reading

  • Top Five Reasons To Convert

    The top five reasons to convert a backup generator that is currently operating on gasoline are quite simple. Natural gas and propane are both wiser options for various reasons. The first reason being that during a natural disaster, gasoline is the first commodity to be hoarded. Therefore, finding gasoline in an emergency situation can be next to impossible. However, on the other hand, there is virtually an unlimited supply of natural gas, and propane is easily accessible at grocery stores and convenient stores everywhere.

    The second reason is that gasoline has a short shelf life, whereas natural gas and propane have no shelf life at all. With that being said, individuals could collect and store propane tanks over long periods of time to use if an emergency situation were to occur. Gasoline could not be stored for long periods of time to use in a future emergency situation, because it would simply go bad.

    The third reason is that gasoline can gum up the carburetor in the backup generator and cause engine failure. If a backup generator currently operating on gasoline sits for a long period of time with no use, the gasoline will go bad, causing it to gum up inside of the carburetor and generally ruin the engine. However, these problems do not exist with natural gas and propane, and they provide the same power as gasoline.

  • What Are Hybrid Fuel Generators?

    Hybrid fuel generators are generators that can operate on natural gas, propane, and gasoline. There are three main options for obtaining a hybrid fuel generator, consisting of a standby generator, a conversion kit, or the Motor Snorkel. A standby generator is a generator that is installed on the outside of the home, and when an outage occurs, an automatic transfer switch senses the loss within seconds, and then signals the generator to start electrically. A standby generator is the most expensive option, and requires professional installation. However, it is already wired and ready for use after installation, and requires no additional attention.

    A conversion kit allows individuals to transform existing generators that are currently operating on only one fuel, into generators that can operate on a variety of fuels. Conversion kits are not very expensive, but can be extremely time consuming to install. Although they do not require professional installation, many conversion kits require individuals to cut the frame and crank case tube of the generator, and also add stud extenders to the carburetor. With many generator companies, adding a conversion kit can also void the warranty of the generator.

    The Motor Snorkel is a small device that provides the same outcome as traditional conversion kits, but requires no cutting to the frame or crank case tube, and no adding of stud extenders to the carburetor. Therefore, it cannot affect the warranty of the generator in any way. The Motor Snorkel is inexpensive, and requires no professional installation. It can also be installed in just a matter of minutes.

  • Are You Buying the Finest Natural Gas Generator Kits?

    Times when there is a sudden power cut and you are unable to do anything. What do you think why do such situations arise? Let me tell you the reason is your generators have been functioning on gasoline that cannot be the trust worthy source when you are looking for an ideal generator that last long really long. The situation where gasoline generators fail, natural gas conversion kits are at your rescue. Yes, they can be of great use, all you have to do is convert the gasoline run generators, into natural gas and use them for a longer period of time. Continue reading

  • Buying Natural Gas Conversion Kit - A Great Investment

    With time the popularity of propane generator has just increased. The number of houses where you can find these generators has not just soared heights, but also helped them bring down their energy bills to a great extent.  In fact with gasoline generators giving several jolts to automobile owners, they have now began thinking of an easy shift towards natural gas or propane generators. The worst is when during an emergency situation or during natural calamities gasoline generators either get gummed up or just don't function. The one best thing about portable propane generator set is its fuel-efficiency capacity, that makes it the most favored generator for several purposes.

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